June 10, Tuesday evening -- Reading Stephenie Meyer

At a beauty salon on 22nd Street

Reading The Host, by Stephenie Meyer, author of the very popular teenage vampire series. This book, however, is not in the series. She's reading it while she waits for the fourth book of the series to come out.

Other favorites--the thirteen book A Series of Unfortunate Events series, by Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket.

Her own book? It'd be about vampires.

Did you read A Series of Unfortunate Events?


MomVee said...

Yes I have! And I am immensely grateful to Lemony Snicket, because those books turned my daughter from a non-reader into a reader. Her favorite is The Ersatz Elevator.

Li'l Seeker said...

My daughter is reading that series now. It sounds very interesting, but I haven't read it. I have read The Host though!!

Nulaanne said...

I tried to, but did not like some of the things that the author said that it was ok for the children to do.

Ms. B. said...

Is this the one that have the children as orphans? My oldest daughter read the whole series and enjoyed them.
We all then went to the movies. Some of the shots in it were wonderful. I loved the visuals of it.
That same daughter learned to read off of the Harry Potter series, so I know exactly what you mean by immmensely grateful, momvee!

ocm said...

I purchased the first one at the second hand book shoppe to read while eating a slice of pizza...I hated it. I LOVE books...I'll read just about anything...this, however, will not be finished.
Ah well...there's a first time for everything :)

credit savvy said...

my niece is reading that series and loves them

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Jess said...

I've read half of the series but found it too depressing. An orphanage would be better for these kids. I will probably read the last book so I can know how it ends. On the flip side, I loved The Host more than Twlight.

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