July 12, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Michael Lewis

Reading Moneyball, by Michael Lewis. It’s about how the Oakland A’s manager makes do with a small budget by applying statistical analysis.

He’s a statistics professor and works with the California Department of Corrections, looking at statistics in order to get people off parole with the least amount of risk to the public.

A favorite book--A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith.

What statistics would you analyze to make life better?


Ms. B. said...

Stats aren't my way of life, but A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is, and I love that he listed that as his favorite. I wonder if he's seen the black and white movie?
I once tried to show it to my kids who hadn't read the book, too much for most in my school at 8th grade, and they hated it.

Lydia said...

The close-up photo is great with the reader's hand next to the hand on the cover. Nice shot!

I love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and am impressed with anyone who'd think of that as their #1.