July 23, Wednesday evening -- at a Dublit event

At the Makeout Room in the Mission District

Sean Finney reads from a book of poetry. I'm not sure what he was reading about. Not long after he began one of my friends had a taco emergency and I ran to a taqueria and brought back sustenance. All memories of pre-taco poetry were wiped out. You can listen for yourself, though, by clicking on the link below.

Also pictured, the checkered back of John Yi, one of the organizers of this event and founders of dublit.com, where a community of writers share audio recordings of their work.

Dublit also records literary events like the Progressive Reading Series (see blog sidebar). Now, you don't even have to live in San Francisco to get in on the literary scene. You do, however, have to live here to get in on the tacos.

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Special K said...

Oh, you just can't get good tacos (and burritos!) like they make in SF anywhere else.

-K (in Chicago)