July 5, Saturday night -- Reading Mark J. Penn

On board the Balcutha for a Sea Chantey sing along

During a break, reading Microtrends, by Mark J. Penn.

The last really good book she read was Are We Rome?: The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America, by Cullen Murphy.

If she were to write her own book it'd be about the role of money in a non-capitalistic society.

What would you read aboard the Balcutha?


Anonymous said...

When my daughter was in fifth grade, her class did an overnight "tour of duty" on the Balclutha. Believe me, there was no time to read!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for choosing me and pointing me to your blog. What a great excuse to check out blogspot. I will come by again when I have a log in and say HI.

Sonya said...

The Tour of Duty sounds like a wonderful experience...despite there being no time to read. I'm trying to remember what one of the signs said in a little room on top of the ship--is it possible the captain's wife kept a sewing machine up there?

And, to the reader, thanks so much for visiting. It was great meeting you. Maybe I'll see you at another sing along. ....I feel like I have to study up on words before going again!