August 3, Sunday -- Reading Daniel Handler

Daniel Handler reading Daniel Handler

At Cell Space, a community art center, reading on stage among other local writers, for an event benefiting Litquake.

The book Daniel Handler was reading from--Watch Your Mouth. Watch Your Mouth, unlike his Series of Unfortunate Events, is for adults. ....or maybe I should put that a different way, because I'd like to think that A Series of Unfortunate Events was written for adults like me, too.

Watch Your Mouth, unlike A Series of Unfortunate Events is not for kids.

We were riveted, not only by Handler, but by all the other great readers, writers, and burlesque dancers, too.

Does the weekend really have to end?


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I went to an evening with some Liverpool poets and authors a couple of years ago - Adrian Henri, Roger McGough, Brian Patten, Willy Russell. It's a great way to spend an evening

Ms. B. said...

My daughter read all of the "Unfortunate Events" books and loved them. We went to the movie as a family and I loved many of the shots in the movie, almost artist shots, I'd say. Of course, I'm no artist so don't blame me for saying that with no real artist knowledge behind me!!