September 12, Friday evening -- Reading Honora Wolfe, Eric Strand & Marilyn Allen

At a taqueria in the Mission District

Reading Points for Profit, by Honora Wolfe, Eric Strand & Marilyn Allen. It's about how to set up an acupuncture business. She is in her third year of acupuncture school in Oakland.

A favorite book when she was a kid--The Story about Ping, written by Marjorie Flack and illustrated by Christopher Wiese. It's about a duck named Ping who finds himself among birds who go fishing, but don't get to eat what they catch. Instead, they bring it back to a fishing boat, like they're trained to do. They have something tied around their neck to keep them from swallowing the fish. Only when they've caught the "fishermen" enough fish do they get to eat.

If she were to write her own book it'd be for Asian teenagers--a reaction against the idea of having to follow a path of high achievement set by parents. She followed that path, working in software and realized that didn't make her happy.

What would you write for teenagers?