September 20, Saturday morning -- Reading James Wood

Outside of the Tartine bakery in the Mission District

Reading How Fiction Works, by James Wood, for a class she's taking at CCA (California College of the Arts....which used to be California College of the Arts and Crafts until the administration made a very controversial decision to drop the final "C").

The book gives example of how writing works in great novels. It makes her want to write.

What books have you read, fiction or nonfiction, that make you want to write?

She's also reading Birds of America, by Lorrie Moore, a collection of short stories that was recommended by one of her teachers.

Her favorite book of all time--Slouching Towards Bethlehem,a book of essays by Joan Didion. She likes how precise and scientific Didion's books are, even about ordinary things. Her own writing, she said, is nothing like that!


Jess said...

Life Expectancy by Koontz, The Last Lecture by Pausch, Pride and Prejudice by Austen, Education of a Wandering Man by L'Amour, Griffin & Sabine by Bantock, and lots of poetry.

Jessica said...

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Wonderful book on writing that applies to so many aspects of life.

Heather said...

13 Ways of Looking at the Novel (Jane Smiley) is the quintissential book for writing inspiration (in my opinion). Also, How to Read Literature Like a Professor (Foster) is a great way to help aspiring writers make their reading (and subsequent writing) better.

Ms. B. said...

Essayists make me want to write. I love taking a topic and making it my own.

rayshauna gray. said...

goodbye lemon by adam davies, love song of j. alfred prufrock by eliot & the great gatsby by fitzgerald