September 21, Sunday morning -- Reading Anne Rice

At a donut shop in Noe Valley

Reading Memnoch the Devil, by Anne Rice. She didn't have anything to read and was asking her coworkers if they had anything they could loan her. They didn't, but one girl found this on the street on her way to work and gave it to her. It's the fifth book of the series, but there's enough background that she gets it, though, she does have to concentrate while she's reading.

Before this she read The Road, by Cormac McCarthy; Ray Bradbury; reread all of Neil Gaiman's books. Her favorite book of all time is American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. It's about the gods that people had before coming to America, but who have now been forgotten. People worship other things, like media and the gods have to do things like drive taxis. She loves it. She's read it several times. It really makes her think.

Have you read anything by Neil Gaiman?


Jess said...

No, but American Gods sounds like something I want to read.

webbie said...

I read American Gods and loved it. I also read Stardust, but was not as enamoured of it.

Day said...

Gaiman is my favorite author; I read Stardust first, then American Gods (which is also my favorite of all time), and then almost everything else, including his children's books and his audio. The only two I am missing are the most recent YA/Juv ones: M is for Magic and Interworld.

plot_thickens said...

Neil Gaiman is a little dark, I prefer Terry Pratchett. Neil does dark insights clothed in prose; Terry does dark insights clothed in hope and laughter.