September 22, Monday afternoon -- Reading Graeme Hilditch

At the Ferry Building, looking out at the Bay

Reading Is It Just Me Or Are Sit-Ups A Waste of Time?, by Graeme Hilditch. The book, he said, is funny. It's about all the excuses people make up so that they don't have to exercise. For instance, knees. People don't exercise because it hurts their knees. But, not exercising is not the right answer. The right answer is strengthening the knees.

He's a personal trainer and flight attendant based in London and is in San Francisco for a couple of days. He said that it's easier to be healthy in San Francisco than in London. There's the weather and there's the food. In London, you have to walk a long way to find healthy food. He grew up in a resort area in Southern Italy, where people are healthier than in London, but, still, the food's still not all that healthy. It's heavy and you have to like carbs. In San Francisco and New York, you have healthy and unhealthy options side by side.

Right now he's also reading The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. He likes books about self improvement, like by the Canadian strength training guru, Charles Poliquin, who writes and coaches top athletes.

Are sit-ups a waste of time?


Ms. B. said...

Last spring I did a kick boxing class two days a week, right after work and at work. I did sooooooo many sit-ups and push-ups. They were wonderful, but, I haven't been able to do them since. Putting myself through that pain alone, well, it's just not gonna happen!

Anonymous said...


I have just finished reading this book and i loved it.
As the guy said, it's actually really funny and very informative.
It steers away from sensationalist claims and actually tells you honest answers to diet and fitness questions you have always wanted to know.
If you're into your health, it's a must buy.

plot_thickens said...

Dunno if reading is a waste of time, but man, this guy is HOT. Almost as hot as my powerlifter husband.

If only I could hear his accent. Hot hot hot.

Because, hello! Good-looking and reading for self-education? SEXAY!