September 22, Monday afternoon -- Reading Laurell K. Hamilton

At the Embarcadero Shopping Center

Reading A Stroke of Midnight, by Laurell K. Hamilton, one of her favorite authors, on her Amazon Kindle. But, on her Kindle, she doesn't just read her favorite authors or just her favorite genre--science fiction--the Kindle's policy of letting you read three chapters before deciding to purchase has helped her broaden her horizons. For example--The Afghan, a thriller about Al Qaeda by Frederick Forsyth. She wouldn't have taken the risk if she'd had to purchase it before trying.

Do you have any questions about the Kindle? She said she'd be happy to answer them--just write a comment.


Ms. B. said...

Can they possibly feel as good as a book? Create the wonder and thrill of, "Will this be incredible?"?

I do love the idea of the three chapters, but even that, looking at that unopened book and wondering, wondering, wondering. Well, I just love that feeling.

Buying books secondhand, if it doesn't work, such is life. Back to the Salvation Army store it goes!

pepsi4475 said...

Yes it does feel good like a book. I will admit that at first I was skeptical and it did take a little bit of adjusting. It took about 5 days. I read on BART everyday so about 2 hours a day. It looks just like you are reading a paperback. I still like going to used book stores. I find a book I like and I look it up on the Amazon store right there in the store. I can purchase & download right there or get a free sample to see if the book will be good. I get the Irish Times, magazines & a could of blogs delievered daily to my kindle for a fraction of the price. I can't live without my kindle.