September 25, Thursday evening -- Reading Science Fiction

On her way home from work

Reading The Year's Best Science Fiction: Tenth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois. She's a self-described introvert and reads on her way to and from work, mostly what she calls escapist literature. (Science Fiction, I think she meant) At home, she has over two tons of books. You can tell a true book lover, she said, if they have more pounds of books than linens.

Does she loan her books out? No. She can't tolerate the spines getting warped. Instead, she reads them herself again and again.

In this book of stories she's enjoying how many ideas are all condensed succinctly together. She reads about a book a day. She started this collection this morning on her 45-minute commute to work and is almost finished with it. She'll finish it before she returns home this evening.

What have you been reading on your commute?


Jess said...

I only wish I could read. I get horrible motion-sickness when I read on a bus, train, or plane. I hate it.

Liza P. said...

oh my goodness, I know what she means about lending books to people! I have the same issue about bending the spines. I only lend my books to a lucky few.

As for reading while moving - I can do bus, train, plane but I start to get sick in a car or walking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Liza! I thought that was only me! (yeah, that's me. The hat means I'm not blinded on the bus and miss a line.)

Jess, could you do Books on Tape?


Princess Haiku said...

I lived in a little community that has a round walkway and walk two block loops regularly while reading. It's a no car zone and pretty safe although I have to watch out for skateboards and flying balls. At first all of the children thought I was the eccentric lady of the village. Since, I have started hiding little books for them on their porches, I have my own reading circle. I volunteer at our library book sale room and buy bags of books inexpensively for the kids. It's hard to say who enjoys all these bookish activities the most. When you read in public you are proclaiming to the world how wonderful books are. Kids are most affected by people who read rather than people who say they should. This is a great blog.

Princess Haiku said...
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