September 27, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Sal Severe, Ph.D.

While the rest of her party is crab fishing off the pier (last time they caught can get nets at Sports Authority or stores like it)

Reading How to Behave, So Your Children Will, Too!, by Sal Severe, Ph.D. She has a friend who is a psychologist who loaned it to her. She'd been going through some tough times with her daughter, who's about eight, and so she started reading behavioral books.

Her daughter likes the Junie B. Jones series, by Barbara Park; the Amelia Bedelia books, by Peggy Parish (and, after she died, her nephew, Herman Parish); The Berenstain Bears books, by Stan and Jan Berenstain; and recently--it's the first book she's actually chosen for herself at the library--Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot, by Dav Pilkey. It's a chapter book and she read straight through it.

When she was young (the mom), she liked the Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn books, by Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain. Here's a link to my DogearedUSA blog, to a post I wrote about visiting the Mark Twain house in Hartford, CT.

What do your kids like to read?


Special K said...

Neat picture (although the book sounds like it's made up - Sal Severe? Come on.)!

I love crab season in SF...

Ms. B. said...

When my oldest was little, I read one Junie B. Jones to her. I stopped after just the one because I had to keep stopping in my reading and say, "You would never speak like that, right?" or "You would never talk back like that, would you?" or "You know what would happen if I ever caught you talking like that?"

Now, I've learned that if kids will read, good. Junie B. Jones or Captain Underpants, but for me read outloud, no way!

The book looks good. I will look for it. I'm always hoping to get more tips on raising kids, mine or my 87 in the classroom!

Heidi said...

I should give it to my sister as a gift!!