September 8, Monday evening -- Reading David Wroblewski

Waiting for the cable car

Reading Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski on her amazonkindle, which she bought eight moths ago after moving from one apartment to another and packing and loading and unpacking over 1,000 books. "Never again," she said, so now, though she's not getting rid of her books, she's going electronic. She and her friends share the memory chips--they have amazonkindles, too. The first books she read on it--The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Favorite book of all time--She's Come Undone, by Wally Lamb. She likes books about strong women.

She's always been a big reader. When she was a kid her parents had an antique store which used to be a book store so there were lots of books up in the attic. Her parents never censored what she read. Her dad was a reader, too. She'd bring books of questionable morality to her mother. "Mom, did you know that Dad read this?" she'd ask, not thinking that her mother would have a problem with her reading it. She was eleven.

What are your experiences moving with stacks and stacks of books?


Special K said...

erg, last time we moved there were about 20 boxes of books. I try to keep my collection pared down to just my favorites, but... it's a lot. Anywho, I can't bare to get rid of them, I do read them again and again.

Ms. B. said...

I try to pass all but my favorites on with the expectation of not getting them back or keeping them in my classroom for the student who would be perfect for it.
My biggest problem right now is all the books I have bought secondhand as they show up and I haven't read them yet. What a wonderful problem to have!!

Ps. Loved the perspective of an 11 worrying about her dad!

And, my parents, too, never censored. One summer I read a Harlequin (can't stand romance now!) a day and our dad bought us numerous comic books a week. We are all readers who can think.

I wish more parents realized it's not what they're reading but that they're reading. Reading allows you to learn and grow...getting down off my soapbox now!