October 13, Monday night -- Reading Christopher Paolini

With his family, celebrating his birthday

Reading about a dragon rider in Brisingr, a Fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini. It's the third book in the series and it just came out. "Brisingr" is"fire" in the language of Alagaesia, the world where the books are set.

His favorite book of all time -- the second book in the series, Eldest, which is better than the first book because there's none of the back story. It just gets right into it.

Here's a link to another Christopher Paolini fan, who I met in Montana.

What was the last 700+ page book you read? (This book has 763)


Kait said...

The last 700+ book I read was
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

Jo-Ann said...

I just finished Brisingr. It was good!

Molly said...

Probably a Harry Potter book... ^_^

alex said...

the last 700+ page book i read was an anthology of short stories. fiction i think is better more often when it is short.