October 16, Thursday evening -- Reading Monique Truong

For her book club
Reading The Book of Salt, by Monique Truong. It's about Gertrude Stein's cook, a gay Vietnamese man in Paris in the 1930s. The Vietnamese American Studies Center at San Francisco State University gave the author an award of excellence for the book.

Her favorite book of all time -- One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez. Or, rather, Cien Años de Soledad. She read it in the original Spanish - she can't imagine reading anything by him in anything other than that. I tried asking her about Of Love and Other Demons, which I'd photographed yesterday, but I couldn't get the whole title out Love, was all I could remember. And then her bus came.
Hope you got there on time!

How do you pick the books you read in your book club? (in mine we spend more time discussing what we should read than what we do read)