October 30, Thursday evening -- Reading Jeffery Deaver

A rainy evening on Market Street, eating leftovers from a bakery

and reading The Cold Moon, by Jeffery Deaver. He said he doesn't have a favorite book, apologized for the lack of cover, and had to leave quickly.

Have you ever had to return a book that suffered physical duress under your care?


Say Lee said...

At last a book I have read and enjoyed. In fact, I have read every one of Jeffery Deaver's books on Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, some of which are in my personal collection through used book sale.

I did commit some wrongs against books before by disposing them as trash (those days the recycling movement was still at its infancy). Today though, I usually donate used books to public libraries.

Anonymous said...

I once dropped a library book in a muddy gutter, and was too embarrassed to return it to the library. I just told them it was lost and paid to replace it.

Anonymous said...

books that are discarded and not to be resold have the covers torn off. Linda

pilgrimchick said...

No, none have been brought to this state by me, although I will take or buy books that are distressed if the content is what I am looking for. And, the bonus is that usually the seller or owner is just trying to get rid of them.