October 31, Halloween -- Reading Kim Stanley Robinson

Reading Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson. It was recommended to him as Sci Fi written not by a Libertarian, but by an Anarchist Socialist.

He's a William Gibson fan. He likes Gibson's newer work better than his older. Spook Country is his favorite, though he feels like he should say Pattern Recognition, to which it's the sequel.
Can you like a sequel better than the first book - or is it just an extension?

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Big Heather said...

Red Mars is a fantastic book -- great blend of a lot of -ologies -- biology, sociology, ecology, psychology...! I've read this book several times in the 10 years since I first saw it on the shelves (I've got a soft spot in my heart for Mars-based sci-fi). Unfortunately Green Mars is very disappointing, and Blue Mars is only somewhat redeeming. C'est la sequel...