October 8, Wednesday night -- Reading Bucky Sinister

At the Progressive Reading Series

Reading from his book of poetry, All Blacked Out and Nowhere to Go, by himself, Bucky Sinister.

He read a poem about 25-Hour Donuts, a donut shop at 20th and Mission Streets. In the poem he talks about an urban legend of showing up at the shop in the middle of the night and seeing all his stuff for sale...--8-track, color tv, etc.--and having to buy it all back. Then looking through the eye of a donut and seeing past space and time. Sadly, the donut shop went out of business about 6 years ago.

Favorite book of all time -- a while ago it would have been Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski; later it would have been The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner; now it's probably The Summer of Black Widows, by Sherman Alexie.

Have you ever written poetry about places in your neighborhood?


Bill said...

About places and moments, yes. However, about a specific place where the place is mentioned as a tribute, I don't think I ever have.

Ms. B. said...

Two years ago, as a 50 year old, I played in a basketball game for a fundraiser. It was our first try at this and the middle school teachers played the high school teachers. The gym, believe it or not, was just about packed.

I played, back in the day, bball my senior year in a league. It was the first year they had leagues for girls (really back in the day!!). We used to have a few moms and a few friends as spectators.

I came home from that game (we lost, but, man, was it close) and sat down and wrote a poem about it. Life is good when 30 years later one gets to have a dream come true-- to play to a packed gym!!

The villager: said...

What a great blog.

I am often inspired by the countryside of Yorkshire in northern England, where we live.

sex999 said...