November 21, Friday night -- Reading Julia Cameron

On the 49 Bus (I was on my way to a literary reading at this most beautiful home -- the artist, Megan Wilson, is being evicted and is hosting salons during the month of November so she can share her space before it disappears. Click on the link it will make you smile....and then imagine being cozied up in her dimly lit rooms with twenty wonderful people, hearing great literature. home.)
It'd be sort of like reading on the bus....if we could everyone's attention and read aloud. If only! Excuse me, I just came to a really good part -sshhhhh Listen!

Reading The Sound of Paper, by Julia Cameron. Lately he's been reading software engineering books. He made a face when I asked him to recommend a good one. There are no good ones, he said. Thank goodness for literature!

Is there a genre in which there are no good books?

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Princess Haiku said...

Drafting? lol From a poets perspective of course.