November 23, Sunday afternoon -- Reading Tom Robbins

On the BART platform
Reading Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, by Tom Robbins. He bought the book six years ago for the opening lines: Lima, Peru, October 1997 -- the naked parrot looked like a human fetus spliced onto a kosher chicken. It was so old...

Before Tom Robbins he was reading Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy...or there was something else between that didn't make an impression.

Favorite book -- Microserfs, by Douglas Coupland, which he's read about six times. It's about a group that breaks off from Apple and starts their own company, and one of theirs unemployed father builds a Lego city in their new office, and they help one of theirs mom, who's had a stroke, learn to communicate again. The author also wrote Generation X, popularizing the term.

Have you read any good books about the tech world?


Malyss said...

Hi, I'm writing to you from France.Since many weeks I follow you blog. I'm a big reader myself, and I find your idea really great.I put your blog on my favorites on my own blog and come to see yours each time I can.Since I read your blog, I look at the people in my own city, and must admit I could not make a blog with the readers I meet, because they are very few in the streets! I don't know if people read at home around here...I just wanted to let you know that I really like your blog, I like to discover what Americans (or californians) read (very few french writers ^-^). You had a beautyful idea! Thank you for sharing.

blackbirdbride said...

Doug Coupland is one of my writer-heroes. I always assumed that in Microserfs they broke off from Microsoft. Who knows?