December 1, Monday afternoon -- Reading Elizabeth Gilbert

At my favorite sandwich shop
Reading Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was recommended by a friend who thought she'd sympathize with character--they were both packing up and moving, the character around the world, she to San Francisco! She just moved here from Colorado.

Other good books she's been reading -- Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom; books by Deepak Chopra; The Celestine Prophesy, by James Redfield; other books about spirituality and yoga.
I used to see this book everywhere, and now it's sort of fading away.... are people still reading it where you live?


The Bush Family said...

I just read it not that long ago and have made eberyone I know go out and buy it! I also got the word Love, just as it appears on the cover, tattooed on my left foot :) What can I say the book spoke to me :)

ROBERTA said...

no - people aren't reading that much anymore out here on the olympic peninsula - they are really focused on the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer - perhaps because there are locales in our area mentioned in the book? and perhaps because it's a good simple read!

Liza P. said...

so true! i havent been seeing it either for a while. that and the power of now.

Susanna said...

As a bookseller I am still recommending it. Often pushing it under people's noses and saying READ THIS BOOK GODDAMIT! No, I don't do that to customers but I did pester my cousin to read it. Just like a complete freak I'd send her messages saying for the 100th time "you know I heard of this book such and such..." or "of course you already bought such and such". One day, she went to the bookstore and then did not buy it because she had so many half read books on the shelf and did not want to part with the money.

I assured her that was because the books on her shelf did not speak to her, or she'd have finished them.

Eventually I told her I'd send her my copy (in English) so she could sample it and if she liked it, she could go out and buy the Portuguese version.

Well...guess who's being pestered now with phone texts. ME! She keeps texting me quotes from the book and it's making her so happy!

Bookfool said...

I just recently read it. I'm not seeing it as many places, but it's still prominently displayed. Where I live, you don't see people reading unless you're in the library -- mostly because people have to drive everywhere.