December 5, Friday morning -- Reading William Faulkner

In the Mission District
Reading William Faulkner -- Novels 1930-1935. His girlfriend just finished reading it and he's taking a break from Guns, Germs and Steel, by Jared Diamond. Favorite book -- doesn't have one, but if he had to say, it'd be Ulysses, by James Joyce. This is the second time I've gotten this response, of Ulysses as a favorite book if you had to say (see last Sunday's post). I told him what the other reader had said, that he'd read it aloud, and he said that yes, that makes sense for Joyce. In fact, he has a cassette tape of Joyce reading Finnegans Wake.

What books do you think are best read aloud?


Bill said...

For the most part, all writing which makes use of the language and is simply not just an informative piece will sound better aloud when read by a good speaker. This is especially true for poetry.

black bear cabin said...

what books are best read out loud.....

any Dr. Seuss book of course! :)