People Reading Everywhere

I'm getting serious about my campaign to inspire people reading blogs everywhere, so I've done two things:
1--I made a great sacrifice and went to Oahu for forty-eight hours and photographed (almost) everyone I saw reading--46 readers in shopping malls, on the bus, waiting for the bus, at a roadside stand, at a laundromat, and, of course, at the beach. Though, ironically, the beach was the hard part. It rained the whole time I was there.
2--I added a new feature to this site--the map! Let me know how it's working. I'm on an ibookG4 with a moderately fast internet connection and am wondering how it translates with other people.

The goal: A hundred readers every hundred miles, everywhere the globe is populated. The arctic, not exempt—any scientific communities looking for a new project? The oceans, not exempt—forward to your friends who work on outrigger canoes, fishing vessels, oil rigs, cruise ships. The upper reaches of Siberia—not exempt!— reindeer herders read, too.

A map populated by push pins would be a beautiful display of diversity, and unity.

Push pins include readers from the 52-day Greyhound bus trip to the Lower-48 in Summer 2007, my recent Oahu trip, and also ongoing blogs by Liza P. in Los Angeles and Uzair Sawal and Dizzy in Kuala Lumpur. I invite you start your own sister (or brother) blog, wherever you may be.



Bill said...

Oh...the sacrifice...Oahu...

Map looks good and I have a decent connection. Though I have an old computer so the map is a bit slow when I mouse over anything and it has to update.

Mrst said...

I have enjoyed your blog greatly and this map is wonderful! I had no idea there were so many blogs like yours in the U.S.! I am not too far from you, near Sacramento, and while I love everything books I am afraid at this time I do not have a people reading type blog. I think I may just have to start one though! I love this!

Liza P. said...

very cool!

the bog logger said...

The map looks good and there was no load lag or anything. I'm thinking of starting a blog in Sydney, Australia.