January 24, Saturday night -- Reading Robert Burns

Where else do you see silver haired men wearing fuschia haired wigs and face masks, or playing bagpipes with leopard print bags secured to the chest with bicycle chains, but at
Edinburgh Castle, in the Tenderloin, for Robert Burns Night, celebrating the 250th year since the poet's birth (Burns is the revered Scottish poet who wrote Auld Lang Syne)
Janis, a Buddhist Nun, who does street ministry in the neighborhood, not only reading from the poetry of Robert Burns, but also enlightening us on the plural of haggis -- hagi -- a little beast (and culinary delicacy) that lives so high in the Scottish hills that half its nearly extinct population is born with right hind and front legs shorter than the left, and vice versa, so they can navigate the steep trails--they are nearly extict because the terrain and unevenness of appendages makes reproduction nearly impossible. Haggis is, actually, sheep intestines stuffed with oatmeal.

Robert Burns wrote poetry to protest the English colonization of the highlands "my heart's in the highlands a' chasing the deer..."

Robert Burns was not only an outdoors man but also a ladies' man. "He had a love of the feminine, " one reader said. "In those days there were no drugs and no i-pods, so what else were you going to do?"

Robert Burns also wrote about war and soldiers. "....bring him home" one reader recited, and the crowd responded by stomping and clapping. This could actually be possible, as we now have president, vaguely related to the Scotts-- the O'Bamas.


Oma said...

My favorite is the one that begins:

Wee sleekit cowerin' timorous beastie,
Oh what a panic's in thy breastie.
Tha needna start away so hasty wi bickering brattle.
I would be loathe to run and chase thee
Wi murderin' pattle ...

His sympathies are with the mouse in a world of unaware and uncaring humans ... he was a voice for the common man ... and mouse.

Happy Birthday, Robbie.

colleen said...

it hardly seems possible that burns night improved over last year, but i think it did. alan black was in fine form.

Special K said...

Ah, the 'Castle - great place! Did you pop around the corner to the best (Korean) chipper in town?

Sonya said...

K, I've never made it to the Korean place! We had lentil soup at my wonderful friend, C's house beforehand and then I overdid my appetite with haggis and broccoli dipped in ranch dressing.

Oma, Thanks for the poem...I could listen to Burns all day.

Colleen, To more Burns Nights to come!