January 24, Saturday night -- Reading Bartholomae Petrosky

Working the door at the Elbo Room for a hip-hop show, checking admission bracelets for re-entry and pointing intoxicated hipsters towards where to buy their tickets
Reading, for school, Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers, edited by Bartholomae Petrosky. He's actually a math student, but math students take English, too. He's a musician and math is, he said, the haunted house where no other musicians or artists follow. He also likes it because in math, there are no politics.

His favorite book -- Against Nature, bu Joris Karl Huysmans, which his brother -- who reads authors like Proust-- had recommended. His favorite author, though, is not French, is not Huysmans, but, the inventor of the murder mystery, Edgar Allen Poe. He writes in his native English.

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Navid said...

I love against nature! I read it for an Intellectual History class at Cal. That writing anthology looks interesting.