January 25, Sunday evening -- Reading a publication put out by the State of California

At a laundromat in the Outer-Mission District where, I think, it would be a community service to distribute boxes of books
Reading Manual de Automovilista de California. She has no plans to take the test.

Sometimes she reads newspapers, but has no favorite book, no favorite authors. When I asked what types of books she likes, she said histories, which I'm not sure, in translation -- I was speaking Spanish when she didn't understand my English and she was answering only in English -- if she meant history books or stories because, in Spanish I think the word can be used for both interchangeably, and when I probed for examples, she couldn't think of any.

In the background -- a man reading the phone book.


alex worthy said...

hehe, could it be that he was looking up a number?

Liz said...

Or looking for Rainbow grocery coupons.

Ms. B. said...

This is obviously not one of those places where books are found. How about magazines, used? What awful reading....although, I admit, I've done that kind when there is nothing else to read!