February 11, Wednesday evening -- Reading Maeve Binchy

Waiting for the train
Reading Whitethorn Woods, by Maeve Binchy, one of her favorite authors, along with Amy Tan and Isabelle Allende. She thought she'd read everything by Maeve Binchy and was surprised to discover this new (old) book of hers at the library. She reads everything of Tan, Allende and Binchy as it comes out.

When she was young, her mother used to read a lot of Isabelle Allende, in Spanish. Her brother would buy her mom the Spanish version and her the English translation.

The books that got her reading when she was a child were the Pippi Longstocking stories, by the Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren, and books like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith.

Her own book? -- She wouldn't write one, but her husband is working on getting a horror novel published (she doesn't read horror) and her son is working towards a degree in Creative Writing! The two of them read each other's work. The books that got her son reading -- the Choose Your Own Adventure series.


aliqot said...

Have to confess I find Maeve Binchy a good read - interesting women characters, and generally they come out of the story in an ok situation. Feelgood without being too superficial.

Do I sound condescending? I wish I wrote half as well.

Anonymous said...

Why do libraries put their barcode stickers right over the title of books? It makes no sense to me!