May 17, Sunday evening -- Reading Cormac McCarthy

Today, interview but no picture. Actually, two interviews.

1. On Valencia Street, waiting for the 26 bus, reading about writing nonfiction, was the reader I'd photographed back on February 12th. He told me that he had won a fellowship he'd applied for back around the time we'd met. Success. For the fellowship he will be writing about the violence in our neighborhood.

2. At Muddy Waters coffee shop, also on Valencia Street, reading Suttree, by Cormac McCarthy. He'd read Blood Meridian and really liked it and a friend of his really liked this one.

Favorite book -- Cosmos, by Witold Gombrowicz, a Polish writer who lived in Argentina. Here's an entertaining review of the book on The Believer.

More later. Tomorrow: picture + interview


jgrimm said...

Hi Sonya,

Saw your sister today, and she told me about the surgery. Glad to read your blog and hear that you are up and walking. Hope you are doing well.


custom term paper said...

I am hearing about Witold Gombrowicz a while ago when I happen to cross in a bunch of kids. They are talking about his other works.