May 30, Saturday morning -- Reading Hilda Doolittle

At a laundromat on Valencia Street
Reading Tribute to Freud, by Hilda Doolittle, which he found, along with Saint Augustine Confesssions, in a box on the street not far from the laundromat. He is a Christian and enjoys reading about theology, of all religions. The library book in his hands is The Science of the Soul, by Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji, which, he said, talks about Indian religions, the third eye that Indian women wear, the sixth sense.

When he's not reading books, he reads the "scoop" column in the newspaper about the birthdays of Hollywood stars, etc. His mother was a big reader of tabloids and when he was growing up the only thing he read was the Star, Globe, and National Enquirer. He didn't read books.

Now, after going through AA and reading The Big Book, he's found religion and he's become studious. His favorite book is the Bible. A passage he likes: Psalm 119:97. He recited, "Oh how I love thy law. It is my meditation all the day." His meditation, he said, is a zeal for knowledge.

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