June 2, Tuesday evening -- Reading Lee Child

Reading Bad Luck and Trouble, by Lee Child.

He just finished his semester -- he's a literature student and was taking a class about the Bible, where they read everything from Milton to Monty Python. Lee Child books are what he reads for fun. He's addicted to them, though says they're gratuitous....but cheap.

Favorite book -- Songs of Innocence and Experience, poetry by William Blake. It's the only book he knows of which is alive. Every word shifts from moment to moment. He quoted The Tiger (which he said was the stupidest example because it's stereotypical) -- "What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

If he were to write a book it'd be about BART. For instance -- when the Millbrae train is heading towards Millbrae, it's a Millbrae train, but, though the passengers get there, the Millbrae Train lacks this satisfaction. It arrives as the Pittsburg/Bay Point (it loops around before pulling into the station).

His favorite book when he was a child was written by the actress who played Mary Poppins -- Julie Andrews Edwards. The book is called The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.
(The foot continues to recover -- today I made a show of phenomenal physical well being and helped load his extra bike onto the train -- it's his girlfriend's and she wasn't able to go home after their ride.)


Alex Worthy said...

I'm wondering how exciting a book about BART could be. Maybe it would be poetry?

Liz said...

Alex, I challenge you to write an exciting limerick about BART.

Alex Worthy said...

There once was a train named bart
On it, it is rude to fart
Through SF it rolled
All passengers hold
In public their farts on bart

Sonya said...

I can think of other words that rhyme with bart.

Alex Worthy said...

you're just jealous of my awesomeness.

Sonya said...

There once was a jealous sister
Whose disposition made everyone blister
She called out her brothers
For making crude jokes about ‘nothers
Because she was sad that they hadn’t missed her

They live far away
And this summer don’t have plans to come stay
So this distance makes burden
Of what has been hurtin’
And her jealousy will grow til the day (they come and visit)


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Smarry said...

I can think of other words that rhyme with bart.

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disa said...