June 5, Friday morning -- Shopping for books

Exiting BART, shopping for the next book on her Kindle.
She just finished reading The Warlord's Daughter, a sci fi romance by Susan Grant. She is "blowing through ridiculous romances" right now, during her commute. She is also reading Civility: The Manners, Morals & Etiquette of Democracy, Stephen L.Carter; Integrity, by Stephen L Carter; Integrity: The Courage To Meet The Demands of Reality, by Henry Cloud; Envy: A Theory of Social Behavior, by Helmut Schoeck; and The Virtue of Civility, by Edward Shils.

The last two books, she explained, and I quote from follow-up email she wrote me that afternoon,
are what i am digesting currently, i use this word as to simply READ them is not sufficient as this is thought-provoking content and requires "mental digestion" to really get the idea of what the "glue" consists of that makes us a functioning civilization and not a rag-tag band of moral miscreants and barbarians!!!

The concept of envy as a driving force for achievement and the acquisition of material wealth is a hidden concept until really thought about and the actual "word" is given. have you ever thought about what drives you to "want". Most think of envy in a negative way, we think envy = jealousy alone, but apply it to want or desire and you have "wish", "desire", "want", "crave" even "covet" .....where's my thesaurus......

Her favorite books in high school were the Lord of the Rings series and, later, the Dune series, by Frank Herbert.


Alex Worthy said...

I bet she was super polite!

Joe Cottonwood said...

I love that she's reading about civility and integrity in that slick urban environment. What an arresting photo!

application essay help said...

You really got a lot to spend if you have your Kindle. It is so helpfful to me since I am right now studying medicine and need to store medical books for my course of study.

CherylAnn said...

I love my Kindle, and yes I am super polite, irritatingly so in fact. I am wrapped up in the social context of "Civility" and how lacking in it we have become as the values of family & morals collapse. How can a person teach a child the value of honesty & integrity when they themselves are too young to have experienced the world to learn these things? Babies having babies, having babies....when do you get to experience the lessons life has to teach, other than the hardships of single parenthood. I am not religious, in fact I am opposite, a member of The Church of Reality am I and it works for me, only me. But I can rant on Civility & Integrity for days, especially if there is a cup of coffee in it for me!! Peace-Cher

Smarry said...

But I can rant on Civility & Integrity for days, especially if there is a cup of coffee in it for me!! Peace-Cher

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