August 17, Monday afternoon -- Reading Curtis Sittenfeld

Waiting for his next messenger pick-up. Lately he's able to read for about three hours a day.
Reading American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfeld. He found this at the library on a display table of books that get checked out a lot.

A favorite -- for now, anyway -- The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. Since The Road he's read Blood Meridian and other Cormac McCarthy books. The Road, he said, is different. For one thing, it's not as violent.

If he were to write his own book, it might be the history of North America, rewritten, as if the European settlers had all died at Jamestown and the Indians had remained in control of the continent.


Anonymous said...

I love what you are doing here!! Sharing everyone's love of reading across the world. Very cool! Renae

Monster Paperbag said...

The Road is really good :)