August 26, Wednesday night -- Reading Anton Myrer

In front of Dog Eared Books on Valencia Street
Reading Once an Eagle, by Anton Myrer, which he stole from the outdoor book bin. He enjoys books about war.

A favorite -- the Snopes trilogy --The Hamlet, The Town, The Mansion. It's great, he said, if you can read Faulkner. Some people can't. He grew up in the South though and is used to the way Faulkner writes.

He is a writer himself and is working on a collection of short stories and two screen plays. He has no computer -- it would get stolen -- and he sometimes writes things down on paper so he can share them, but mostly he works on them in his head -- for now. He used to be part of a screen writing group in Sacramento called Writers Block.

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Alex Worthy said...

This guy must have been entertaining!