May 26, Wednesday evening -- Reading Crockett Johnson, Kiki Thorpe and Judith Clarke

With their mothers, standing in line at the bodega, ignoring the weighing of onions and the ring of the register
Reading Harold y el Lapiz Color Morado, by Crockett Johnson, which was published way back in 1955. It's about a cute baby who wakes up one night and draws himself a world with a purple crayon, using the crayon to create food or a boat to save him from deep water. The baby is resourceful! Her favorite books -- any kind of guide, like guides about birds or flowers.
Reading The Trouble with Tink, by Kiki Thorpe and Judith Clarke. It's about how Tinker Bell is really good at fixing pots and pans, that is, until she looses her hammer.


Anne said...

So glad to see you are posting again! Love your blog!

Special K said...

Oh, I always loved Harold and the Purple Crayon. I've never read it in Spanish, but it's probably about my level... (: