May 24, Monday afternoon -- Reading James Patterson

My blog posting been spotty lately, but when you see someone reading at the foot of a Buddha…. obviously you stop what you’re doing, take notice and, if you have a blog, document.

At Gump's department store of magical creations (which I love because the place smells like my Grammy)Reading Run for your Life, by James Patterson while his wife shops for his birthday present. He reads a lot of Patterson, Grisham and Turrow.

Favorite book – To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, because it champions the lawyer fighting for the underdog. It’s the book that inspired him to be a lawyer. He defends individuals from large corporations and corporations from individuals; he likes fighting for the underdog. Currently he’s working on a book about Real Estate fraud. His advice – when you’re buying a place, find experts to help you out.
His wife returned with a salesperson while we were talking and handed him a Gump’s shopping bag. Inside – a gold papered present. “What’s inside?” I asked and, without so much as covering her honey’s ears, she told me -- a book of vintage photographs of our lovely city. They are vacationing here from Orange County.