October 9, Saturday night -- Reading Sidney Sheldon

Before the Bikram Writing Litquake event,
manning the manicure table at the Beauty Barand reading, The Sky is Falling, by Sidney Sheldon. She picked up this book, she said, for the form of the woman on the cover; though, she said she does have a knack for picking good books. She likes mystery and suspense. This one she found in the dollar bin at Forest Books, just a few blocks away, across from the Pancho Villa taqueria at 16th and Valencia.

Her favorite books, since she was five years old and used to trace the pictures, were books with pictures done by Erté, the Russian born fashion and stage designer. She's a costume designer herself and, even now, when she draws fashion, her pictures have a certain essence of his.
The Litquake event was Bikram Writing and we were lead -- by my sister, Liz Worthy -- in stretches, making serif and sans serif letters with our bodies and in mind bending exercises, too, like coming up with a nail polish color for the walls. One suggestion: My Little Pony. Another: Razzle Beehive. There were others after a pause and a few guys rushed the microphone.