December 30, Thursday afternoon -- Reading Nancy Krulik

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
resting on a bench in an exhibit on voyeurism, and reading A Katie Kazoo Christmas, by Nancy Krulik. Naturally, as the theme of the exhibit was voyeurism, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take my own photograph. I did, however, both her and her dad for permission.

The book was sort of a Christmas present. Her parents got her a book that she had already checked out at the library, so they returned it and got her this instead.

Favorite books: the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo series that this book is a part of and also the Geronimo Stilton series, about a homebody mouse who's the editor of The Rodent's Gazette and, despite being a homebody, finds himself on all sorts of crazy adventures.

The Katie Kazoo Switcheroo series is about a girl named Katie Kazoo who -- here's the switcheroo part -- gets caught up in a magical wind and changes into things, like President Millard Fillmore, or a cheerleader, or a performer in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Kids like to make YouTube videos about here books. Here's one that I liked: 2nd Qtr Book Project by Ms. Azzone's 4th Grade Class.

If the reader had a year on a desert island to write her own book it would be an adventure fantasy book, but it wouldn't be tooo crazy. It would be adventurous, but realistic. Like, it might begin with someone tripping and falling and go from there.