February 23, Wednesday night -- Reading Nick Hornby

At a laundromat in the Mission District
Reading Fever Pitch, by Nick Hornby, which was recommended by a friend who is a
soccer player and loaned by another friend. It's Nick Hornby's first book, and is an autobiographical collection of essays about soccer and the English Arsenal Football Club.
How does the book make you feel?" I asked him.
"Encouraged," he said.

Next to him on the bench, beneath which I believe was a recently purchased bar of Irish Spring, was a copy of The Odyssey, by Homer, which he's teaching to a class of eighth-graders.

He brushed up on The Odyssey during The wash cycle and read Nick Hornby during the dry cycle.
Have you been reading anything good while waiting for clothes to dry, fruit to ripen, the economy to better.... ? I meant to bring Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, which my sister loaned me, to the bus stop with me this evening, but forgot it on my way out the door. My sister described Freedom as candy. It's true.

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Alex Worthy said...

candy is bad for your teeth.