Port of Spain, Trinidad -- April 6, Wednesday afternoon -- Reading Newsday

Near the National Museum and Art Gallery in downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad
Tending a cold beverages and snack stand, reading Newsday.

When I asked her if she reads anything else, she went to her car and came back with the book A Gift for Muslim Women, a devotional text by Maulana Ashiq Elahi Madani. She mostly reads religious books and the newspapers, but she also likes books by the American romance novelist, Nora Roberts.
When I traveled around the lower-forty eight states and spent my days looking for readers, like I did all day today, I tended to find that people read newspapers in the morning and are more likely to be reading books in the afternoon. Is this true, do you think, in general, or just in my experience? It would make sense....

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Alex Worthy said...

Hi Sonya! Looks like good reading weather in Trinidad.