Port of Spain, Trinidad -- April 8, Friday morning, Reading Denise Linn

At the Trinidad-to-Tobago Ferry Terminal in downtown Port of Spain

Having just arrived back from Tobago, she is waiting for her friend to arrive, and reading Past Lives, Present Miracles, by Denise Linn, one of the three books she purchased while on Tobago. She also bought Color Scents: Healing with Colors and Aromas, by Suzy Chiazzari and Magnet Therapy, by Antonia Beattie.

She is a nurse and a healer. Right now, in this book, she is reading about how certain fears, like of fire, might have come from an experience in a past life.

She is a Trinidadian, but is now just visiting, as she's been living in New York (Brooklyn I think she said) for the past twenty years.

When she was eight-years-old, her mother gave her the book The Basket of Flowers, a young adult novel by Christoph von Schmid. This book shaped her whole life. It's about a girl who gets blamed for stealing a ring because she incites jealousy and hatred from someone else. The book has good moral lessons.

Her favorite book is the Bible. Also, she likes Talks on Truth, by the Christian mystic, Charles Filmore.

While we were talking, her friend arrived to pick her up from the Ferry Terminal. Her friend also loved Talks on Truth and The Basket of Flowers, and they also both like the author Deepak Chopra.

About her friend: When she was a child and she was sad, she read. When she was happy, she read. As an adult, she never leaves the house without a book. In her handbag now is Midnight Express, by Billy Hayes, a true story about the author's attempt to smuggle four pounds of hashish from Istanbul to the U.S. in 1970 and his subsequent imprisonment. Right now she is working on her own true story, or, rather, that of her family's. She's researching a book about her Family Tree. She has been making recordings of her family members histories and will start transcribing soon.

Thank you for letting me join in your happy reunion! It was nice to meet you both.

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berenice said...

hi Sonya, it's great to read your blog while you are traveling, what amazing stories, people, and books you've come across, thank you so much for sharing with your readers the books that people you encounter have read! keep on having a wonderful time while you travel :)