June 10, Friday evening -- Beuil, France -- Reading author unknown

These next few posts will be from France, where I hiked for a week through the Alps down to the Mediterranean.

The first stop was the village of Beuil, population 500

In Beuil, at the terminus of a twisty, historic street, betwixt the Mayor's office and a grassy hill, I learned that the French no longer call their libraries bibliothèques. They call them, appropriately, médiathèques. I waited on the front porch of the médiathèque , peering in at the books, magazines, and DVDs, for about a half hour during business hours, but it remained closed. In the small villages, many businesses, including the post office, the mayor's office, the library, even the bakery, are only open for a few hours a week, and then, only when they want to be....

In Beuil I found this reader perched in a flower box

on the Rue Napoléon III (the town was annexed by Napoléon's armies)

It's a quiet place to read. In tiny villages like Beuil, the streets are narrow, so villagers don't drive through town -- they park in the town parking lot.

book untitled


Special K said...

You're in France? Tres Fantastic! Have fun!

berenice said...

hola Sonya, what a wonderful town! love the little reader with the big foot and book, have a superb time in France! salutes from California

Sonya said...

welllll, actually back now, but just beginning to post blog pictures. I'd love to *still* be there...but San Francisco is nice, too.