June 11, Saturday morning -- Roubion, France -- Reading about sheep

Over the fields and through the woods from Beuil is the 12th-century village of Roubion, perched high on the rocks. Back in the days of feudal lords, villages were strategically built on high ground to protect themselves from attack. It's easier to defend when your enemy is approaching from below.

Shortly before lunch time we approached on this vertiginous little path...and we came in peace, with hopes of a docile exchange of Euros for cheese and salami sandwiches, and a cold drink - easily done.

The town displayed the work of the Italian painter and sculptor, Imelda Bassanello. Her work adorned the doorway of the town's communal bread oven, and, nestled in with the stone walls, were painted wood carvings of a girl with a dog, a boy with a goat...
and this painting of a little boy daydreaming with a book.
It's hard for me to read the title, but it looks like Histoire de la Fontaine du Mouton, which means History of the Fountain of the Sheep. I'm not sure if fountain is the right word.


berenice said...

those paintings are so lovely! these towns you are visiting sound delightful! and on sheep... one of my favorite 'light' readings is a book where the protagonists are sheep! 'Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story' by Leonie Swann, 'Glennkill: Ein Schafskrimi' the original title in German, maybe when you are back, you can read it too, it's a wonderful and even philosophical read!

hope you keep on enjoying very much your trip!

Sonya said...

I'd love to read a book with sheep protagonists!