June 12, Sunday morning -- Roure, France -- Reading Robert Merle

In the hamlet of Roure, a three hour walk along a circular ridge line from Roubion

On Sunday morning, standing on the front porch,

enjoying the morning air and reading L'Isle (The Island), by the French novelist, Robert Merle. It's about a ship in which there's a mutiny and the British crew realizes if they return home, they'll be hanged, so they re-stock and find a deserted island.
His favorite book is Le Comte de Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo), by Alexandre Dumas, which he's read twice. Recently he was reading a biography of Cleopatra. He likes historical books with adventure.
When he was young he aspired to be a writer, but when he read Dumas, he gave up on being a writer. He decided he could never write that well. Now, he would rather just read.

He is from Avignon and is living with his brother here for a few months, building a wall in the mountains.