May 20, 2012 -- Reading Luis Carandell & Eduardo Barrenechea -- Barcelona, Spain

In the Bari Gòtic neighborhood, manning a vintage/variety/record shop called Les Bambes del Catuqui (which can be translated as The Kitten's Sneakers
Reading a book he just bought to be sold in the store called Portugal, Sí, by Catalan authors Luis Carandell & Eduardo Barrenechea.  It's about Lisbon in 1974, which was under rule of an authoritarian dictatorship.  Through a military coup and civil resistance, democracy was put in place peacefully.   Not a shot was fired and the people celebrated by putting carnations on the military's uniforms and in the weapons themselves. 
His favorite book is El Pais Velenciano by Joan Fuster, another Catalan author.  The Catalans are proud of their heritage and speak their language, not Spanish, in Barcelona.  The reader said that people who don't speak Catalan are considered uneducated.  He explained that it's a Latin language, like Spanish, French or Italian, and also borrows words from them.  The word for small, like in French, is petit.

When I first arrived in Barcelona, I thought that Catalan was just a variation of Spanish, but it's a distinct language.  Signs at tourist destinations are in 3 languages:  Catalan, Spanish, and English.