May 25, 2012, Friday morning -- Reading Ferran Adrià -- Barcelona, Spain

One of the most favorite museums I visited in Barcelona was a food exhibit about the chef Ferran Adrian.  He's the chef of the restaurant El Bulli.  
 He does stuff with food in laboratories.  It's like science.  His restaurant gets up to a million reservations a year and is only able to accept 8,000.  Recently he closed the restaurant and is only doing food research.  His book (above) is translated into braille.  Below, are modeling clay pieces for chefs to model the proportions of ingredients.  

To me, after visiting the Sagrda Familia cathedral by Gaudi, in which I saw the plaster models of the cathedral, which had to be done because no one had ever seen architecture like Gaudi's before (organic, like tree roots and trunks), the modeling of things in clay, instead of just writing descriptions in a recipe, seems like a very south of France/north of Spain type of solution.
...and a good one. 

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