January 28, 2014, Tuesday evening -- Reading author bios and back-of-book blurbs

At James Warner's reading series InsideStorytime at Movida in the Mission District,
Jazz improvist, author, actor, actualizer, and producer, judy b., not just reading, but singing author bios and back-of-book blurbs.

It started as a joke request from the author, Karlan Widsith, that his bio be sung Barbara Streisand
style and James, the host, asked for a volunteer from the audience.

judy b. raised her hand and volunteered.  She said she's always ready to sing.  She sounded great.  She later told me that her voice was even warmed up because she'd been singing on her bike ride over.  She sang everyone else's bios, too, and, as in the picture, the back-of-book blurb of A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City, by the author, Benjamin Wachs.

Afterwards, there were requests that her intro-singing become a regular thing.

She doesn't have a favorite book of all time, but the best thing she's read recently was Darshan, by Amrit Chima, who was also reading that night.  

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bob said...

This is the sort of thing we miss out in the wilderness.