January, 25, 2014, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Ann Patchett

At Ocean Beach, my sister, waiting while I interviewed someone else for my blog
When I finished my interview I came back and snuck up on her.  She was sitting on her flip flops in the sand, watching some kids built a moat and reading State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett.
Later, I called her on the phone to moan about what I should do about the jellyfish sting I got later that afternoon and also to admit that I don't actually know her favorite book of all time - key information I like to put on my blog and also something one should know about one's sister.   

She gave me good advice about what to do about the jelly fish sting and said that she doesn't have a favorite book of all time.  Her favorite book of recent times is Canada, by Richard Ford.  But, she said, State of Wonder is just as enthralling.

I remembered her telling me about Canada while she was reading it.  There was a part where kids were trying to cook without their parents' help and took steaks from the freezer and put them straight into the frying pan, so that they burned on the outside and frozen in the middle.