April 10, 2014, Thursday morning -- Reading Neil Gaiman

On the sidelines of the morning commute, smoking a cigarette, and reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman.
Neil Gaiman is his favorite author, so he's reading his books over again. Neverwhere is his favorite. Other favorite authors of his are Stephen King (his early books) and Tom Clancy. He also loved the Harry Potter books, by J.K. Rowling.
"You'll never see me without a book," he said.

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Greatmimesthinkalike said...

Cool blog! Hope you enjoyed your trip. I am a librarian in Vermont and am delivering a talk in a couple weeks called, "Places We Read: Sacred Spaces of Quiet Inspiration". Hoping to use some of your photos. Trying to establish setting as part of the reason we decide to drop the franticness of life and read. Beaches, parks, roadtrips, and other sacred spaces ... Let me know if I can use some of the pics.

Thanks ...