May 31, 2104, Saturday afternoon -- Reading José Ortega Y Gasset

Near Covent Garden in London, England (where I'm on vacation)
In a slow moment as a bicycle taxi driver (rider?), reading El Hombre Y La Gente (Man and the People), by the Spanish philosopher, José Ortega Y Gasset.  He is from Spain and is here studying philosophy (it's just a coincidence that the reader I photographed earlier in the day is also visiting London to study philosophy).  He has read this book before and it's a favorite, so he asked his family to send it to him here.

It was difficult to understand what he was saying because it was loud on the street, but I think he said, when I asked him what else he's been reading lately, that he said "Portela, because it's humorous."  So, I looked that up on the internet, and found Ena Lucia Portela, a humorous Cuban author who wrote, among other things a novel called Cien Botellas En Una Pared (A Hundred Bottles on the Wall), a murder mystery set in Havana.