July 15, 2014, Monday afternoon -- Reading Raymond E. Feist

On a bench dominated by a mammoth 2008 sculpture called The Sequence by Belgian artist, Arne Quinze (in Brussels, where I'm on vacation)
She's taking a break from work and reading Le Roi des renards, by Raymond E. Feist.  It's fantastique, which she really likes.  (I looked up this genre on Wikipedia and it said that this is a literary and cinematic genre that "overlaps with science fiction, horror, and fantasy.")

Her favorite author is the American, Jean M. Auel, who writes prehistoric fiction set in Europe, about life as a Neanderthal.  The first book in the series is Le clan de l'ours des cavernes (The Clan of the Cave Bear).


alex said...

I have that book, reynard is fox right?

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